I am drawn to glass as a medium because it is a material that transmits, reflects, refracts and holds light. Its associations with fragility, yet its underlying strength, lends itself to touching upon the ephermeal nature of being. Inspired by the amorphous structure of glass being between both a liquid and a solid state, I focus on variant gradients: of hue, tone, opacity, transparency, form and formlessness. The overlapping and subtle transitions between these elements is the point of interest for me. Golden Light GradientAqua GradientOpalineA Handful of SandAbsorbing LightGlass GridSeaBlue GradientA Quiet LightBlue in DissolutionLavender Yellow HaloSilverLightCircle In TintLavender Light DropsIn Between SpaceGolden LavenderJuniper Tint ReflectionSand HandfulsGradient AdriftDrops of LightTransparency and OpacitySky ShiftsBlue Sugar GradientFade OutLight Dives InPink Sugar to PlumPlum LightThe Edge of a DreamRubyGlass Rocks