This is a collection of glass works from between 2015 to the present, focusing on subtle variant gradients: of hue, tone, opacity, transparency, texture, form and formlessness.  Rainbow HaloSweet BlushAbsorbing LightDon't be Scared of FuchsiaAmber GradientRose MetalA Blushing TintGolden Lavender HalationShimmerShimmerAqua GradientGlisten GoldIndigo AfterglowOpalineTransparency and OpacityTransparent Handfuls of SandA Handful of SandIn Between SpaceA Quiet LightBlue Sugar GradientSky ShiftsGradient AdriftSilverLightDrops of LightGlass GridLavender Yellow HaloCircle In TintThe Edge of a DreamRubyFade OutBlue in DissolutionGlass Rocks